Certificate Program

The Harvard Medical Physics Residency Program includes a CAMPEP-accredited Certificate Program, which enables individuals with a non-CAMPEP medical physics Ph.D. to complete all didactic requirements within the residency program. Courses have been offered to residents in our program since its inception in 2009, but these courses have now been formally recognized as a Certificate Program. The Certificate Program was granted initial accreditation in 2016.

Since our residency program is three years, residents can complete all of the requirements for clinical training and didactic coursework while in our program. Most of the courses will be taken in the first research year, and then at most one course is taken per clinical year, as required by CAMPEP.

CAMPEP requires 18 credit hours of core medical physics didactic material, which we divide into 7 courses::

  • Physics I: Radiologic physics and dosimetry [3 credits]
  • Physics II: Radiation therapy physics [3 credits]
  • Medical Imaging Modalities [3 credits]
  • Radiation Protection and Safety [3 credits]
  • Radiation Biology [2 credits]
  • A&P I: Oncology and Pathology [2 credits]
  • A&P II: Anatomy and Physiology for Non-physicians [2 credits]

Our Certificate Program is currently open only to our residents, and postdoctoral fellows within the MGH, BWH, or BIDMC systems. We may admit students from outside this structure in the future.

Further information on the CAMPEP course requirements and Certificate Programs can be found on the CAMPEP website.

Faculty for Certificate Courses

Physics I and II
Course director: Karen Doppke, M.S., Dept. of Radiation Oncology, MGH
Various physics faculty from BIDMC, BWH and MGH

Medical Imaging Modalities
Course director: Greg Sharp, PhD, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, MGH
Various physics faculty from BIDMC, BU, BWH and MGH

Kathryn D. Held Ph.D., Department of Radiation Oncology, MGH

Anatomy and Physiology for non-physicians
Phillip Devlin M.D., Chief, Division of  Brachytherapy,  Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Oncology and Pathology
Course director: Kathy Bruce R.T.T., MBA, Director of Business Development, Massachusetts General Hospital
Individual lectures given by the residents from the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program

Radiation Safety and Protection
Course director: David Gierga, PhD, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, MGH
Physics faculty and RSO from BIDMC, BWH, MGH