Living in Boston

Boston is a historic, culturally rich city that is renowned as a center for education, health care, innovation, and championship sports teams.

The Massachusetts General Hospital is located in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood near the Charles River.  The Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center are located within the Longwood Medical Area, near Harvard Medical School

Housing Resources

Harvard University offers some housing options in and around Boston:

Two other great resources for those relocating to the area:

Salary and Benefits

The research year salaries are currently fixed but the clinical years are paid at the Partners PGY1 and PGY2 residency rate, which is uniform across all Partners hospitals and consistent with the medical residents. The PGY scales are increased slightly on an annual basis.

The salaries for AY2020-2021 are:
Research year: $52,000
1st clinical year (PGY1): $66,500
2nd clinical year (PGY2): $69,200

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Visit the GME website for Partners and MGH/BWH childcare resources: