Recent Resident Awards

2022 AAPM Jack Fowler Young Investigator Award – Stephanie Bennett

2022 AAPM Research Seed Funding Grant – Davide Brivio

2021 Winner of the Young Investigator Symposium, New England Chapter of the AAPM (NEAAPM) – David “Bo” McClatchy

2020 Particle Therapy CoOperative Group (PTCOG) Travel Fellowship – Arthur Lalonde

2019 AAPM Conference Best in Physics Abstract – Joost Verburg

2019 AAPM Jack Fowler Junior Investigator Award – Davide Brivio

2019 AAPM Best Award Travel Fellowship – Davide Brivio

2019 American Brachytherapy Society Conference Travel Award – Christian Guthier

2019 Particle Therapy CoOperative Group (PTCOG) Michael Goitein best abstract award – Joost Verburg

2019 Winter Institute of Medical Physics early career scholarship award – David “Bo” McClatchy

Residents / Alumnae selected to the AAPM Science Council Associates Mentorship Program (SCAMP)

2022 – Rachael Hachadorian (mentor: Magdalena Bazalova-Carter, PhD, University of Victoria)

2022 – Casey Lee (mentor: Sonja Dieterich, PhD, UC Davis Medical Center)

2021 – Arthur Lalonde (mentor: Amit Sawant, PhD, University of Maryland)

2021 – Shu “Stella” Xing (mentor: Rebecca M. Howell, PhD, MD Anderson Cancer Center)

2019 – David “Bo” McClatchy (mentor: Andrew Jackson, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

2017 – Elizabeth Huynh (mentor: Jean Moran, PhD, Univ. of Michigan)

2017 – Rongxiao Zhang (mentor: Timothy Zhu, PhD, Univ. Pennsylvania)

2015 – Yuting Lin (mentor: Timothy Zhu, PhD, Univ. Pennsylvania)

2015 – Sara St. James (mentor: Jean Moran, PhD, Univ. of Michigan)